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A word from Executive Director Fred Beach

I guess in many ways, I inherited the leadership of the ministry. I was really the next person in line after committing to help our friends, Gary and Laura Sherwood. But in a more real way, it was God's plan for my life. It was the answer to a prayer that I prayed after I retired as a school social worker in June 2006. I was in good health and had the resources to do something but I didn't know what. I prayed making myself available to God's use and asking Him to direct my path in this new chapter of my life. I believe that He faithfully answered that rather simple prayer in a remarkable and life changing way. So, the simplest answer to the question of how I became the Director of Reachout Ministries is to say that God in His wisdom and sovereignty called me. The idea, creation, and sustaining of this ministry has been His from the start and it will be my mission until God releases me from it.

We believe that education is the pathway out of poverty and that the decisions that students and their families are making today to follow the vision for their lives will effect not only them but generations yet unborn. Although we provide tangible benefits that make it possible for children to attend school and experience academic success, we feel that changing their lives and future is even more important. Most importantly, we are a faith based ministry always pointing children and their families toward repentance and saving faith in Christ who alone gives purpose and meaning to their lives and makes lasting change possible.

CEO Fred Beach

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