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Meet Anderson Ocampo and family

Anderson who is a graduate of the University of Burmingham Theological Seminary was appointed acting manager of Ministerios Alcanzando the Columbian branch of Reachout Ministries three years ago. His work in the greater Quibdó area has impacted many famlies over his short time with Reachout. When asked about why he chose to become involved Anderson says, "To me Reachout Ministries represents my service to Christ. Every time I see a child with a bible heading to church I am filled with hope. My dream has always been to be able to be used for Gods Kingdom and through this ministry I have begun to realize that I can have a greater impact on this community through service. My heart is filled with joy when parents share how the ministry is changing them. I thank God that through His providence I can help touching hearts while mine is being touched also."

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